Straight from the Runway in Paris, France

As promised, the in-depth expose of Jillian Chambers’, owner and stylist of Grotto Hair Studio, time in Paris, France.

What does the stock market, Louis Vuitton, Google and a front cover model of Vogue magazine all have in common? Ask Jillian Chambers, owner and stylist of Grotto Hair Studio in Stratford, Ontario. After a three-day, invitation-only L’Oreal Professionnel class in Paris, France, Jillian learned that the common denominator between economics, purses and the internet was hair.

Previously, Jillian has had opportunity to travel to Rome and Berlin through L’Oreal Professionnel, primarily for instruction on cutting hair. However, the four short days spent in Paris were all-encompassing, allowing Jillian the privilege to attend classes that taught how hair, make-up, fashion and photography relate with each other. As the class was by invitation only, comprised of platform artists or artistic directors from L’Oreal Professionnel, it was an extreme honour for Jillian, simply a L’Oreal salon owner, to attend.

Paris, the city of fashion, lights and love. Also, the destination of a 3 day, invitation-only L'Oreal Professionnel class

Paris, the city of fashion, lights and love. Also, the destination of a 3 day, invitation-only L’Oreal Professionnel class

Paris is known as a city of fashion, runways and models. Day one of classes did not disappoint as Jillian spent the day learning about future trends in fashion and hair and how certain influences predict what is or will be up and coming. Interestingly enough, the stock market’s affect on the beauty industry is monumental. For example, when the stock market is low, the general public tends to be more cautious and contained. In turn, low economic times translates into conservative fashion and hair, be that longer hem-lines or longer length in hair. In contrast, when the stock market soars, people tend to embrace more liberal, flamboyant trends, such as shorter hair and shorter hem-lines.

While economic standings have a large influence over the beauty industry, another major predictor of upcoming trends is the common search engine. Statisticians generate studies based on the most common search terms that the general public looks up. How does this affect hair and fashion? Jillian learned that how many times people search specific terms related to fashion and hair, such as “ombre” or “blonde,” generation of upcoming trends are formulated by the most popular search terms entered. It is ironic to note that it’s not necessarily high-end designers who are formulating what the public will accept as current and “in-style.” Rather, the general public unknowingly decides what direction fashion and hair will lean towards, based solely on the most commonly search items on Google.

Day two revealed to Jillian behind-the-scenes design progress before the looks have even hit the runway. A tour of Institut Francais de la Mode, or IFM, showcased many potential designs being proposed to different high-end companies, such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Gucci. A tour of Harcourt Studios, an exclusive photography school who only do 200 photo shoots a year, presented the effects of colour and lighting to achieve specific looks.

A sneak peak of Harcourt Studio

A sneak peak of Harcourt Studio

A hands-on, first-of-its-kind in the beauty indsutry class at Pin-Up Hair Studio was provided with world-renowned hairstylist, Bruno Weppe, the following day. Weppe has been popularized in the beauty industry for his work on celebrities for front page covers of Vogue, Elle and other major fashion magazines. At Pin-Up Hair Studio, Jillian learned about the editorial work that is done for each photo shoot. While it is commonly known that the models on the front of magazines are “touched up,” Jillian experienced exactly what tricks and illusions are used to achieve the end result. Wigs, extensions, clip-on bangs, or even spray paint are commonly used on the glossy front cover models whose hair is coveted world-wide. In conjunction with the illusionary revelation of photo shoots, Weppe also taught how to set the hair properly so that more than one desired look can be produced. Proper instruction was given on how to use specific hair products for the particular hair type of each model.

World-renowned stylist, Bruno Weppe, working with a model

World-renowned stylist, Bruno Weppe, working with a model

While Jillian was mesmerized at how hair integrates with seemingly un-related elements, such as the stock market and internet, the connections that are established between world-renowned stylists and L’Oreal Professionnel educators remains integral to the development of Grotto Hair Studio. However, safe to say, one will never observe the upcoming trends in the fashion industry without recalling the sway of the fiscal market, the influence of Google, or the semblance of illusionary tricks on cover page models.


Savour Stratford Photo Shoot Sneak Peek

Despite the rainy weather last weekend, Savour Stratford was a fantastic success! We, the staff, at Grotto Hair Studio would like to thank all of our beautiful models for letting us get creative with their hair and make-up. As well, we couldn’t have managed the day without the expertise of David Charlesworth (from davidiam photography) and Kailyn D’Orazio, whose creativity in photography went above and beyond our expectations!

As promised, below are pictures of our lovely models, who are depicting looks straight from the fashion district in Paris. (For those who are just catching up, Jillian Chambers, owner and stylist at Grotto Hair Studio, just came back from four days in Paris, where she was invited by L’Oreal Professionel to attend classes in all the upcoming trends in hair and fashion.)

These aren’t all of the pictures of our models, just a sneak peek. Stay posted for more pictures in the future!




















Savour Stratford’s Parisian Photo Shoot at Grotto Hair Studio

It’s that time of year again in Stratford – one of the favourite culinary festivals in Canada – Savour Stratford. It’s here in Stratford that chefs, culinary artisans, and foodies alike gather to share fork and plate, recipe and inspiration. Food for every palette, brews for every type of sipper, and vision for magic that can be created in the kitchen are abundant.

We, here at Grotto. are privileged to be situated right in the heart of where the festival takes place. York Street closes down, allowing for pedestrian traffic only. Aromas of every appetizing dish under the sun waft, the tones of live music float and the air of excitement is palpable. Each year, during Savour Stratford, we feature an a la carte menu all our own at Grotto Hair Studio, whether that be tutorials, make-overs or live demonstrations. This year, we are bringing a little taste of France to the salon.

Jillian Chambers, owner and stylist at Grotto Hair Studio, has been privileged to be invited by L’Oreal Professionel to Paris, France for classes involving a behind the scenes sneak peek at upcoming runway trends. Not only did she get to meet world-renowned stylists and designers, but she got to work along-side them, learning how to re-create the upcoming fashion and hair statements. Having been back for a week now, Jillian has taken the time to educate her stylists on these trends. With this new knowledge under their belts, the stylists at Grotto Hair Studio have been busy preparing for our very fist live photo shoot, complete with looks straight from the heart of Paris!

Below is a taste of what Jillian was honoured to experience while away in Paris:





Be prepared for volume, for icy blondes, for cool mochas, and the use of metallic accessories! While Savour Stratford Festival is all about the food, allow yourself for a moment to taste France in a different form when you stop by Grotto Hair Studio’s photo shoot on Saturday! We look forward to seeing you then! (And for those of you who unfortunately cannot make it, stay tuned for a post featuring not food, but hair with a Parisian flair!)

For more info on all that Savour Stratford entails, click here.