Savour Stratford Photo Shoot Sneak Peek

Despite the rainy weather last weekend, Savour Stratford was a fantastic success! We, the staff, at Grotto Hair Studio would like to thank all of our beautiful models for letting us get creative with their hair and make-up. As well, we couldn’t have managed the day without the expertise of David Charlesworth (from davidiam photography) and Kailyn D’Orazio, whose creativity in photography went above and beyond our expectations!

As promised, below are pictures of our lovely models, who are depicting looks straight from the fashion district in Paris. (For those who are just catching up, Jillian Chambers, owner and stylist at Grotto Hair Studio, just came back from four days in Paris, where she was invited by L’Oreal Professionel to attend classes in all the upcoming trends in hair and fashion.)

These aren’t all of the pictures of our models, just a sneak peek. Stay posted for more pictures in the future!





















Savour Stratford’s Parisian Photo Shoot at Grotto Hair Studio

It’s that time of year again in Stratford – one of the favourite culinary festivals in Canada – Savour Stratford. It’s here in Stratford that chefs, culinary artisans, and foodies alike gather to share fork and plate, recipe and inspiration. Food for every palette, brews for every type of sipper, and vision for magic that can be created in the kitchen are abundant.

We, here at Grotto. are privileged to be situated right in the heart of where the festival takes place. York Street closes down, allowing for pedestrian traffic only. Aromas of every appetizing dish under the sun waft, the tones of live music float and the air of excitement is palpable. Each year, during Savour Stratford, we feature an a la carte menu all our own at Grotto Hair Studio, whether that be tutorials, make-overs or live demonstrations. This year, we are bringing a little taste of France to the salon.

Jillian Chambers, owner and stylist at Grotto Hair Studio, has been privileged to be invited by L’Oreal Professionel to Paris, France for classes involving a behind the scenes sneak peek at upcoming runway trends. Not only did she get to meet world-renowned stylists and designers, but she got to work along-side them, learning how to re-create the upcoming fashion and hair statements. Having been back for a week now, Jillian has taken the time to educate her stylists on these trends. With this new knowledge under their belts, the stylists at Grotto Hair Studio have been busy preparing for our very fist live photo shoot, complete with looks straight from the heart of Paris!

Below is a taste of what Jillian was honoured to experience while away in Paris:





Be prepared for volume, for icy blondes, for cool mochas, and the use of metallic accessories! While Savour Stratford Festival is all about the food, allow yourself for a moment to taste France in a different form when you stop by Grotto Hair Studio’s photo shoot on Saturday! We look forward to seeing you then! (And for those of you who unfortunately cannot make it, stay tuned for a post featuring not food, but hair with a Parisian flair!)

For more info on all that Savour Stratford entails, click here.

Anne Hathaway’s Many Looks

Let’s talk about Anne Hathaway’s hair! I don’t know if we’ve seen this much dramatic change in any other celebrity this year! Here is the classic Anne we’ve known for the past several years:


Anne Hathaway's long hair

Anne Hathaway’s long hair

Then, she wowed us all with her pixie style, cut for her role in Les Miserables…which was amazing! Who knew that girl could sing?!

Anne Hathaway's Pixie Cut

Anne Hathaway’s Pixie Cut

Now, she has once again gone even more daring with her recently lighter locks! That’s right – Anne Hathaway is a blonde pixie! And not looking too shabby! Although, it’s still a toss up as to whether or not I like her better as brunette or a blonde…Tell me, what are your thoughts?

Anne Hathaway as a blonde

Anne Hathaway as a blonde

Anne Hathaway, styling her new blonde look in a more subdued, subtle fashion.

Anne Hathaway, styling her new blonde look in a more subdued, subtle fashion.

Does this beautiful summer weather put you in the mood to change up your look and go a little lighter? Tell us what you think!

Mad Men, Don Draper and Men’s Trends

Thanks to the popular show Mad Men, we have seen a hair revolution in men’s looks. There is something undeniably attractive about Don Draper, casually drinking in the board room, cigarette in hand, hair parted and slicked back, looking oh-so-put-together in one of his crisp suits. While cigarettes and gin aren’t quite the appropriate accessories for today’s workplace, there is no doubt that the comeback of stylized, iconic hair is an accessory we are more than willing to embrace.


Mad Men's Don Draper.

Mad Men’s Don Draper.

It’s refreshing to have new looks to try on our men clients. Too often, people are convinced that men’s cuts are mundane and boring. While there is nothing wrong with the more traditional Caesar cut, it’s exciting to see our men clients become more daring and fashion aware! So what are we seeing more of? Think slicked back, side parts, pompadours, and closely clippered sides.

Slick and parted

Slick and parted

Below is an example of on our male clients who was willing to model a modern pompadour:

The modern pompadour is making a huge comeback with closely tapered sides and a textured, heavier top.

The modern pompadour is making a huge comeback with closely tapered sides and a textured, heavier top.

So, Men, don’t be afraid to go a little daring, a little modern retro, a little Mad…We love it!


Let’s discuss one of the most popular hair trends to date: ombre. Not only has ombre taken the hair industry by storm, but also the fashion, make-up and food industry. You can buy skirts with ombre dyed fabrics, decorate cakes with ombre icing, and apply nail polish with an ombre effect.

Ocean Ombre Skirt

Ocean Ombre Skirt

Ombre Petal Cake

Ombre Petal Cake

Blue Ombre Nail Polish Technique

Blue Ombre Nail Polish Technique

So, what about your hair? There’s something so relaxed and breezy feeling about ombre hair. It manages to look natural, sun-kissed, and beachy without sacrificing style. It can be both subtle and more dramatic, although trends this spring/summer are leaning more towards a demure, natural effect.

A more dramatic form of ombre: a beautiful brunette with deep burgundy ends.

A more dramatic form of ombre: a beautiful brunette with deep burgundy ends.

Jessica Biel's more natural, sun-kissed ombre.

Jessica Biel’s more natural, sun-kissed ombre.

Ombre. How will it inspire you?