Face Flattering Hairstyles: Part 1 – The Square Face Shape

Finding that perfect cut for your face shape can be a frustrating endeavour. Everyone has been there at one time or another. You browse through the hairstyling magazines and you find the perfect cut – you know the one, the glossy, sun-kissed look that would make even Jennifer Aniston swoon – only to discover the results on your own face to be less than satisfactory. Since there are many different face shapes and millions of different hairstyles out there, we are going to tackle only one face shape a post. Today, let’s take the time to delve into the basics of hairstyling for those of you with square facial features. 

Those of us with square faces tend to have a stronger, more angular jawline. Who comes to mind when thinking of an angular jawline? How about Gwenyth Paltrow, Mandy Moore, Demi Moore, Megan Fox, and Keira Knightley? It’s an understatement that these women are all exceptionally beautiful with even greater haircuts! So let’s discuss how these women maximize and minimize the attributes of a square jawline!

Some key guidelines to follow are the following:

1) Keep your layers soft and textured. A great way to achieve this is put a bit of wave/curl in your hair. The softness of the waves takes away from the face feeling too stark or angular. If you already have natural movement to your hair, consider letting it conform to its natural state rather than straightening it. Or, if you have naturally straight hair, but a square face shape, it’s easy enough to get acquainted with hot rollers, flat-iron curls, or the curling iron and achieve looks that are both easy and manageable! Consider trying a look like Jessica Biel’s, below: 


Here, Jessica Biel shows us that waves add airy softness to her facial attributes. This look can easily be achieved with a flat-iron, or with the barrel of your curling iron.

2) Make sure you wear the right kind of bangs for your jawline. Long, swoopy side-bangs keep the facial features looking soft and feminine, while blunt bangs accentuate the “boxiness” of your face. If you are really set on straight across bangs, consider bangs that are slightly longer on the sides and just below your brow, such as this: 


Here, the bangs are longer on the sides and just below the brow. This causes a more rounded, balanced look to the face, taking away from the angular jawline.

It is key to avoid bangs that are too short and too blunt, making your face look boxy. As well, steer clear from blunt hair cuts, as this too makes your face appear that much more square, such as this:


While Christina Ricci is a very beautiful woman, this cut is not very flattering on her. The length of her hair hits right at her jawline, drawing attention to her angular features. As well, her bangs are too short and severe, making her face look more square than it really is.

Here is an example of beautiful, side-swept bangs that flatter those of us with square faces: 


This is a perfect example of how bangs should look on someone with a square face. As well, Olivia Wilde’s wavy hair adds softness to her angular features.

3) Avoid the “slicked back” look. This picture is a perfect example of what not to do if you are a woman with a square jawline:


Not unlike Christina Ricci, Gwenyth has iconic style and classic beauty. However, she, also, should avoid a stark, slicked-back ponytail as it draws attention to her square jawline, making her look a little harsh.

On the other hand, Gwenyth’s classic down ‘do, with soft layers is much more becoming:


Soft, face-framing layers are much more complementary to Gwenyth’s square face shape.

4) Avoid cutting your hair too short, such as a pixie cut. While the pixie cut is cute on women with petite facial features, it will make a square jawed woman look masculine and harsh.


A pixie cut can look harsh on a square-faced woman.

Hopefully these guidelines will help us square-faced women the next time when you find yourself in your hairstylists chair, wanting a change! Remember that your square face shape is not something to hide, but to accentuate and embellish with some easy key pointers.


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